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Israel must stand with India against Pakistani-backed terror

February 18, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

For Israelis who have been scarred by decades of Palestinian terrorism, the scenes in the photographs from the Indian subcontinent that flashed around the world last week after a suicide bombing attack in Kashmir are all too familiar.

Children and loved ones standing around grave sites, supported by friends and clergy, as the national flag ripples in the wind and silent tears are shed for those who were murdered by cowardly Islamic extremists.

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The Right must unite

February 5, 2019  •  The Jerusalem Post

With elections barely two months away, the greatest challenge facing Israel's Right emanates neither from the Center nor the Left, but, rather, from within.

Indeed, if recent polls are accurate, several small parties on the Right, most of which may not individually pass the minimum threshold to make it into the next Knesset, could nonetheless win a combined total of 10 to 12 seats, all of which would end up in the dustbin if they fail to run together.

If steps are not taken to prevent this, the outcome could very well be a center-left coalition that strives to return Israel to the dark days of Oslo through dangerous concessions to the Palestinians.

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Is Holocaust education failing?

January 29, 2019  •  The Jerusalem Post

Over the past 74 years, extraordinary efforts have been made worldwide to commemorate the Holocaust and preserve the memory of the six million holy Jewish souls who were murdered by the Germans and their accomplices.

Museums and memorials have been erected, annual state and communal ceremonies have been held, and countless books, articles and films have been released to ensure that the world never forgets what was done to the Jewish people in the heart of modern-day, 20th-century Europe.

But if the results of two recent surveys are any indication, something is seriously remiss and urgent efforts need to be made to expand Holocaust education.

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A cautionary tale of European antisemitism

January 14, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

The name Anton Drexler has been all but forgotten over the past tumultuous century on the European continent, nearly swept away by the tide of history amid a succession of wars, population transfers and genocide.

But amid a worrying rise in antisemitism across the European Union, the story of this otherwise unremarkable railway toolmaker and locksmith, who founded the German Workers Party (DAP) 100 years ago this month and mentored a young man named Adolf Hitler, provides a cautionary tale of how a small band of extremists can leave a lasting and lethal legacy on the course of human events.

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How to double the aliyah rate to Israel

January 11, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

At first glance, the statistics published last week by the Jewish Agency regarding the number of people who immigrated to Israel in 2018 would appear to be quite encouraging, ostensibly providing some welcome good news.

According to the data, immigration rose by 5% over the previous year, from 28,220 arrivals in 2017 to 29,600 last year. In addition, the number of newcomers from Russia soared by 45%, while the tally of those making the journey from Argentina increased by a healthy 17%.

It is, of course, tempting to sit back, look at these figures and relish the idea that Israel continues to serve as a magnet for Jews worldwide.

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