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A cautionary tale of European antisemitism

January 14, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

The name Anton Drexler has been all but forgotten over the past tumultuous century on the European continent, nearly swept away by the tide of history amid a succession of wars, population transfers and genocide.

But amid a worrying rise in antisemitism across the European Union, the story of this otherwise unremarkable railway toolmaker and locksmith, who founded the German Workers Party (DAP) 100 years ago this month and mentored a young man named Adolf Hitler, provides a cautionary tale of how a small band of extremists can leave a lasting and lethal legacy on the course of human events.

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How to double the aliyah rate to Israel

January 11, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

At first glance, the statistics published last week by the Jewish Agency regarding the number of people who immigrated to Israel in 2018 would appear to be quite encouraging, ostensibly providing some welcome good news.

According to the data, immigration rose by 5% over the previous year, from 28,220 arrivals in 2017 to 29,600 last year. In addition, the number of newcomers from Russia soared by 45%, while the tally of those making the journey from Argentina increased by a healthy 17%.

It is, of course, tempting to sit back, look at these figures and relish the idea that Israel continues to serve as a magnet for Jews worldwide.

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Build a museum of aliyah

January 7, 2019  •  The Jerusalem Post

In the annals of modern Jewish history, few stories are as epic or as inspiring as that of the ingathering of the exiles from the four corners of the earth.

Since the rebirth of the State of Israel in 1948, more than 3.2 million immigrants have made their way to the shores of the Holy Land from more than 100 countries worldwide. Some have come here fleeing persecution. Others were motivated by the Zionist dream or religious conviction or animated by the hope of creating a better life for themselves and their families.

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Jordan adds insole to injury

January 1, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

When Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat was photographed several days ago cheerfully stepping on an image of the Israeli flag at a trade union complex in Amman, she sent a clear and unmistakable message of hostility and contempt for the Jewish state.

In doing so, Ghunaimat was adding insole to injury, providing a stark glimpse of the rising tide of hatred and invective that has been swelling across the border in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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The Bnei Anusim: Uncovering Jewish history and destiny in Latin America

December 27, 2018  •  Jerusalem Post

In recent years, as a growing number of Bnei Anusim, descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jews forcibly converted centuries ago, have begun to return to our people, there has been much speculation about the potential scope of the phenomenon in Central and South America.

But now, thanks to the results of a major new genetic survey, any doubts that may have existed regarding its widespread breadth may be safely confined to the dust bin.

In a paper published on December 19 in Nature Communications, an international team of geneticists unveiled some breathtaking findings that are nothing less than the equivalent of a DNA thunderbolt.

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