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The success and failure of Orthodox Judaism

December 22, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Seemingly by every measure, this is a time of triumph for Orthodox Judaism in the United States. Just five decades after being written off as a relic of the past, Orthodoxy in America is on the upswing, spiritually, demographically, socially and economically.

More Torah is being studied on the continent than at any time since the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

Minyanim have proliferated to the extent that there are apps to help one locate the closest mincha or maariv service, and you can even join one during the seventh-inning stretch at numerous baseball stadiums throughout the country.

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A soldier's father and his smartphone

December 9, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

It was the middle of the day when the WhatsApp arrived, accompanied by that familiar ring which indicates that someone, somewhere, has sent you a message.

In our eventful everyday existence, that charming little "ding" often serves as a form of soothing background music, one whose chime seems to fade in and out of our consciousness from morning till evening, reminding us that we are never truly alone or isolated.

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Why is France again labeling Jews?

December 1, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Last week, as Palestinian and Arab terrorists were busy setting fires all across Israel, France decided to join the fray by committing an act of diplomatic arson against the Jewish state.

In a move as hateful as it is hypocritical, French President Francois Hollande's government chose to become the first European Union state to begin to enforce guidelines which single out Jewish-owned businesses in the Golan, Judea and Samaria by requiring that their products bear special labels of origin.

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What American Jewry can learn from Emperor Franz Joseph

November 24, 2016

This week marks the centennial of the passing of a towering figure, a man still hailed as one of the great emancipators in modern European Jewish history: Emperor Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And while his policies were characterized by remarkable benevolence toward the Jews, the Habsburg sovereign's reign and its aftermath also serve as a cautionary tale for Diaspora Jewry, especially our brethren in America.

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The Left and Israel's 'Deplorables'

November 16, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

This past Monday, Isaac Herzog crossed a dangerous moral red line.

Speaking on Army Radio, the chairman of Israel's parliamentary opposition referred to Jews living in Judea and Samaria as a "virus," in effect stripping hundreds of thousands of loyal citizens of their dignity and humanity.

"See what this virus has done to the State of Israel," he thundered. "Look how dangerous it is to our democracy and how we have to sacrifice lives for this nonsense," Herzog said.

It was a revealing moment, one of those occasions when a person slips, makes an unguarded comment and provides a glimpse into what lies in the inner recesses of his soul.

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