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Aliya as an act of faith

November 16, 2017  •  Jerusalem Post

As they emerged from the plane at Ben-Gurion Airport this past Tuesday night, exhausted yet suffused with excitement, the latest batch of 82 Bnei Menashe immigrants from northeastern India to arrive in Israel marched toward passport control and suddenly burst into song.

Invoking the verse in the Book of Jeremiah (31:16), where the Creator consoles our biblical matriarch Rachel that her descendants, the people of Israel, will one day be restored to their land, the new arrivals mustered every ounce of their remaining energy and proceeded to chant the ancient Hebrew promise, "and the sons shall return to their borders."

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Pusillanimous progressivism at Princeton

November 9, 2017  •  Jerusalem Post

Amid the lush and tranquil campus of my alma mater, Princeton University, a new kind of ivy has taken root, one that is as perilous as it is pernicious, and it threatens to undermine the very foundations of one of the world's greatest institutions of higher learning.

You won't find the ivy in question on the walls of the campus' gothic architecture, or in any of the school's numerous walkways and gardens. Instead, it has been implanted in the minds of some of the students and even administrators, many of whom have apparently forgotten the meaning of the term "intellectual discourse."

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Balfour and the Jewish Magna Carta

November 3, 2017  •  Jerusalem Post

In the past eight centuries, England has bequeathed to the world two of the most important foundational documents in the history of mankind: the Magna Carta in 1215 and the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

On the surface, these two legal instruments would appear to have little in common. After all, the Magna Carta, which laid the conceptual basis for the idea of individual freedom against arbitrary state power, was the seed that eventually blossomed into modern liberal democracy, a political system that has brought more liberty to more people than any other thus far conceived by mankind.

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Justice needed for American victims of Palestinian terrorism

October 19, 2017  •  Jerusalem Post

For over two decades, Palestinian terrorists have literally and figuratively gotten away with the murder of dozens of Americans, slaying at least 64 US citizens in a chilling variety of stabbing, shooting and bombing attacks.

And yet, despite Washington's undisputed commitment to fighting terrorism, not a single Palestinian perpetrator has been brought to justice for spilling American blood, nor has the Palestinian Authority been held to account.

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Trump should demand an end to the Arab boycott of Israel

October 13, 2017  •  Jerusalem Post

Two months ago, for the second time since Donald Trump entered the White House, the US Treasury Department published a brief notice that warrants serious attention as well as immediate action by Washington.

As required by US law, the Treasury released a quarterly "list of countries requiring cooperation with an international boycott."

The list, which appears in the Federal Register (Vol. 82, No. 147), consists entirely of nine Arab countries which continue to implement various aspects of the Arab League boycott of Israel. They include failed states such as Libya and Syria, but also ostensible US allies such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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