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Obama and the war on air-conditioning

July 28, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Buffeted by two raucous political conventions, most Americans may not have noticed that their government last week declared war on home appliances.

In remarks that may very well go down in the history of indoor refrigeration, US Secretary of State John Kerry equated the environmental effects of electronic cooling machines with the threat posed by Islamic jihadist terrorism to Western civilization.

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Tunnels of teaching and terrorism

July 21, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

There is a short video making the rounds on the Internet, the kind of audiovisual presentation that serves as a painful reminder, as if one were needed, of the depths of evil that Israel and the West now face.

Produced by Hamas to commemorate two years since the start of Operation Protective Edge, when Israel was compelled to enter Gaza to put a halt to rocket attacks that were terrorizing the country, the two-minute clip speaks volumes about the depravity of our foes and their fiendish vision for the future.

The film takes place entirely underground, in one of the Hamas tunnels that was built in the Gaza neighborhood of Sajiya.

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Unsung Jewish heroism and the American Revolution

July 7, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Two hundred and forty years may have elapsed since America declared its independence from Great Britain, but the passage of time has in no way diminished the critical role played by colonial Jews in the struggle for liberty. And at a time of rising anti-Semitism, including in the US, it is well worth taking a moment to consider the outsized contribution that Jews made to the success of the American revolutionary cause.

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Patrons of Jerusalem: From Montefiore to Moskowitz

June 23, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

Down through the centuries, Jerusalem has known many who have sought to occupy and ravage it, from the Roman legions to the Ottoman Turks to the Jordanian military. Each has come and gone, wreaking havoc, plundering the city which has served as the beating heart of the Jewish people since time immemorial.

But despite every ruin the occupiers left behind, every building they tore down and each stone they pried loose, our adversaries could never succeed in severing the eternal Jewish bond to the place.

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The daily Palestinian terrorism you don't hear about

June 15, 2016  •  Jerusalem Post

When two Palestinian terrorists opened fire last week at Tel Aviv's Sarona market and murdered four Israelis, it appeared to catch much of the country off guard. After several months of seemingly sporadic attacks, many people had begun to think that the whirlwind of Palestinian violence had largely subsided.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The sad fact is that Palestinian terrorism is literally a daily – and sometimes even an hourly – occurrence. It is just that the media doesn't bother to report the overwhelming majority of incidents, thereby providing the public with a distorted view of reality.

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