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Is Obama stirring up anti-Semitism?

February 25, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

Barack Obama is running scared.

In advance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress next week about the growing threat of a nuclear Iran, the normally placid president of the United States is suddenly breaking out into a political sweat.

One by one, Obama has been dispatching his minions to deride, denounce and disparage a speech that hasn't even been given yet. Indeed, President Obama is doing everything in his power to attack the message and the messenger in an attempt to salvage a possible deal with the Iranian ayatollahs.

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Denmark - From decency to disgrace

February 19, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

Denmark is still reeling from this past weekend's Islamic terror attacks, in which a gunman opened fire at a free speech forum in Copenhagen and murdered a Jewish guard outside the city's main synagogue.

Shock and dismay swept through the diminutive country, as its calm and tranquility were shattered by the senseless savagery of jihadist violence. But as much as Danes have a right to be angered by this sad turn of events, they have absolutely no right to be surprised by it.

After all, Denmark's government has done little in recent years to stem the tide of anti-Semitism and extremism, even as it openly fanned the flames of anti-Israel hatred.

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The company America keeps

February 10, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

A seemingly minor incident at a New York airport has cast an ugly glare on the true nature of some of America's so-called moderate Arab allies, raising serious questions about the type of company that Washington chooses to keep.

Last Friday, the New York Daily News broke the story of Iris Eliazarov, a 26-year-old pregnant mother of four, who was prevented by Kuwait Airways from boarding a flight from JFK Airport to London because she is an Israeli citizen.

Her husband, an American, was allowed on the flight, but when Eliazarov, who has a green card, took out her Israeli passport, airline officials would not permit her on the plane. She was forced to buy a ticket on a different flight.

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Barack H. Chamberlain and Iran

February 5, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

If several alarming media reports are true, US President Barack Obama is moving perilously closer to a nuclear deal with Iran that will endanger Israel and all of Western civilization.

Far away from the glare of the cameras, it appears that the commander-in-chief and his colleagues are swiftly caving in to the ayatollahs, hoping to buy some short-term quiet by allowing Iran to remain a threshold nuclear state.

In a chilling exclusive filed on Tuesday, the Associated Press revealed that Washington and Tehran "are discussing a compromise that would let Iran keep much of its uranium-enriching technology but reduce its potential to make nuclear weapons."

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The media's denigration derby vs. Netanyahu

January 27, 2015  •  Jerusalem Post

With just seven weeks to go before voters head to the polls, Israel's largely left-wing media has gone on a rampage.

Tossing aside any pretense of objectivity, a slew of prominent journalists and media outlets are doing everything in their power to demonize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and evict him from office.

No method is regarded as too malicious, nor is any criticism deemed too cruel in the battle to bring down Israel's premier.

Netanyahu's critics have adopted a slash and burn attitude, and woe to anyone who stands in their way.

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