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The last Simhat Torah in the Warsaw Ghetto

October 15, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

It was the fall of 1942, and for the remaining Jews in Warsaw, the future looked bleak.

In July of that year, the Germans had begun carrying out large-scale deportations from the ghetto, dispatching more than a quarter of a million Jews to the death camp at Treblinka.

Adam Czerniakow, who had served as chairman of the Warsaw Judenrat (Jewish council), had committed suicide on July 23, swallowing a cyanide pill in his office rather than comply with Nazi demands to collaborate in the effective liquidation of the ghetto. The final entry in Czerniakow's diary stated simply, "I am powerless, my heart trembles in sorrow and compassion. I can no longer bear all this."

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Is rebuilding Gaza more important than halting Ebola?

October 14, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

This past Sunday, some 50 nations from around the world gathered for a major donor conference aimed at raising billions of dollars to tackle what organizers described as an urgent humanitarian predicament.

A host of prominent figures, including UN Secretary- General Ban Ki Moon, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende all set aside time in their busy schedules to attend the gathering, underlining its importance to much of the international community.

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When Israel fought North Korea

October 7, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

North Korea has been in the news of late as speculation mounts over the fate of its portly dictator, Kim Jong Un, who has not been seen in public for more than a month. In propaganda-mad Pyongyang, where Kim's visage is a constant presence, the tyrant's mysterious retreat from view has set off a spate of rumors ranging from illness to a coup.

Given the Hermit Kingdom's irascible record on the world stage, its blood-curdling threats against South Korea and the United States, as well as its nuclear arsenal, it is no wonder that the fate of its rotund ruler is being watched closely.

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The supremely arrogant court

September 30, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

With the stroke of a pen, the High Court of Justice struck a decisive blow to Israel's democracy last week, one that should send a shudder down the spine of anyone who cherishes basic principles such as the separation of powers and individual liberty.

For the second time in the past year, the learned judges tossed out a law duly passed by the Knesset regarding the detention of illegal migrants, thereby usurping for themselves power to which they are not entitled and authority far beyond their scope. In effect, the court flexed its institutional elbows, shoving aside the executive and legislative branches of government and riding roughshod over the nation's elected representatives.

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The quiet intifada in Jerusalem

September 23, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

In recent months, Palestinian terrorists have transformed Jerusalem into a battleground, carrying out increasingly brazen attacks against Jews. The incidents have grown in both quantity and severity, putting Jewish lives and property at risk. While the media has largely ignored the story, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and it is time for the government to take concerted action to stamp out the unrest and restore security to our nation's capital.

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