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Fighting terror for dummies

August 26, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

War has been known to bring out the best and worst in man.

There are moments of indelible courage, such as when a young Givati Brigade soldier dashed into a Hamas tunnel in Gaza in a vain attempt to save Lt. Hadar Goldin earlier this month. And there are also occasions of unspeakable cruelty, as exemplified by the mass executions carried out by Hamas in broad daylight last week.

Emotions such as anger and heartbreak, determination and despair, frequently come to the fore, appearing to be as common as the ammunition that is employed on the battlefield.

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Defeating terrorists: From Sri Lanka to Gaza

August 19, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

This past Saturday night, a few thousand protesters gathered in the heart of Tel Aviv, recycling tired and familiar left-wing slogans as they called upon Israel to negotiate with the Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas.

In between chants of profoundly creative catchphrases such as "Bibi, go home," the participants heard speeches from several speakers, all of whom devoted more time and verbiage to criticizing Israel than our enemies.

Apparently unaware that Hamas initiated the latest round of bloodletting, Meretz MK Zahava Gal- On blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, hurling the curious accusation that he had "dragged us into a war of choice in Gaza."

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Sanctified through sacrifice: The holiness of the IDF uniform

August 14, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

It lay precariously on the arm of the chair, its copious wrinkles betraying the long, hard slog that its wearer had recently endured. If it could talk, if it could somehow describe what it had seen and heard over the past month in Gaza, my son's drab olive-green uniform would surely have quite a tale to tell.

Looking at the hardy fabric, I picked it up and held it in my hand, assessing its texture like an expert jeweler scrutinizing a precious stone. But before I knew it, my thoughts had strayed, wandering from the material in my grasp to more cerebral matters of the mind. And a few poignant subjects of the heart.

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Hamas tunnels under the 'two-state solution'

August 12, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

Whatever dubious strategic goal might have been behind Hamas' ill-advised decision to goad Israel into war last month, there is no doubt that the jihadists have endured a severe, and well-deserved, thumping. With a greatly diminished terror infrastructure, a shrunken inventory of rockets and tunnels, hundreds of dead terrorists and its leadership in hiding, Hamas has little to show for the violence that it provoked.

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The Gush Katif War

August 5, 2014  •  Jerusalem Post

As the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas appears to be winding down after more than three weeks of bloodshed, it is time to confront a painful and inconvenient truth.

Though hardly anyone has had the courage to admit as much publicly, the fact is that Operation Protective Edge should never have needed to have been fought.

All the destruction and loss of life, all the economic disruption and diplomatic fallout of recent events did not have to come to pass. Simply put, this conflict is a direct result of the grave and unnecessary strategic errors that Israel made nearly a decade ago, chief among them the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

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